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Bitcoin’s rising will not stop. Winklevoss brothers that we met with Facebook case achieved to be the billionaire because of Bitcoin. They achieved this because they saw a reality a long time ago. The money will delete from markets shortly, and new money kind will be cryptocurrencies.

They exalt the Bitcoin every time in news releases and they told Bitcoin’s rising was just a little starting and will go ahead henceforth actually. According to Vinklevoss brothers that talked to Bloomberg International, when investors see the Bitcoin as gold’s upper version, Bitcoin’s value will increase 20 times. Twin Investors that designate their predictions according to the gold market told that

“Bitcoin is a thing that disturbs the gold. Its value may increase 20 times and we are definitely will go on to keep it in our hands.”

Bitcoin is at the top since showed up and comes out that it will stay there for a long time. Facebook’s opinion fathers see the Bitcoin as a perfect ore, and they do not think to sell never.


According to famous Bitcoin speculator Ronnie Moas, Bitcoin will take firm steps forward to rising in 2018 as well with fast. He indicates in his every news release that Bitcoin has been approved in many countries and be supported by laws. This detail tells us Bitcoin’s rising will go ahead in the markets and never stop.

Ripple which is working with non-mining and blockchain-based records and code, appear like the most trustable currency of future and it works completely under control. The ripple that is sitting in the second row with solid global agreements due to the high volume transactions on the South Korean stock exchange is seen as Bitcoin’s biggest competitor in the future. Can Ripple to take Bitcoin’s throne soon? According to market experts, “Just time can show this.” No expert can give a definite opinion on this matter. However, you can be sure that Ripple has been rising fast behind the Bitcoin and it will be a perfect choice for your investment. You can purchase it securely, an expert’s advice doesn’t sell your currencies for a long time. Rising will proceed for a long time.


Ethereum is on the third rank, and according to global experts, it has no power to topple neither Bitcoin nor Ripple. However, we have good news for you still. Ethereum is always so sweet and will stay like that for a long time. It has been maintaining the rising up. You can purchase it securely. On the other side of the coin, we have to warn you that this article presents you the expert opinions and you should not take these words as professional investment advice. Stay with confidence.

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