Where Can You Spend Bitcoin on the web?

Bitcoin on the euros and shopping bag

The number of online shopping sites using the Bitcoin payment system is increasing day by day. One of the Bitcoin payment systems used is BitPay. By opening an account at BitPay, you can pay for your company with BitCoin. Among the companies of TBU are companies providing computer technical service, construction companies, consulting companies, stationery, advertising agency, lawyers, pharmacists, music and play sites.

Major companies in the world have gone to the bitcoin payment system. Big companies like Microsoft and Dell now accept payments with bitcoin. Many favourite e-commerce sites such as Newegg, TigerDirect, Latvian AirBaltic, online travel website CheapAir.com, UK Theater Tickets Direct which sells tickets for shows such as music and theatre, as well as online e-commerce company selling especially computer software and hardware. Payment system.

Where can you spend bitcoin? If you have not found a place to spend your bitcoins on online shopping sites, you can convert your bitcoins into a gift card. It is possible to use these gift cards in stores such as Walmart, Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Ryan Air and Nike abroad. REEDS Jewelers, the big jewellery store chain in America, also accepts bitcoin in its stores.

Bitcoin has also started to be used in many hotels. For example, Bitcoin is being used as a pilot project in the Holiday Inn Hotel in New York. You can pay with a bitcoin at some bars, restaurants and gambling sites abroad. You can even shop with a bitcoin in some auctions, also give a tip. On the world, you can find places where you pay with bitcoin at coinmap.org

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