About Verge Coin; In 2014, Verge (XVG) was introduced as DogeCoinDark wrongly. In February 2016, it re-branded as Verge. Verge (XVG) is a secure, anonymous and decentralized exchange of cryptography built around pure confidentiality.


It improves the original Bitcoin blockchain using multiple anonymously focused networks such as Tor and I2p. Technology is much higher than other altcoins. It utilizes multiple algorithms of mining support to increase security and distribute coins equally in mining. It is impossible to follow the Verge users while Mono, the biggest competitor on the market, can follow the IP addresses of the users. Verge is faster than Monero (Read our Monero review here) and has lower transaction fees. Technology and fans are increasing day by day.

What is verge coin
What is verge coin

Bitcoin’s greatest technological success is that it is a chain of blocks used as a distributed book that provides anonymity for everyone who uses it. The blockchain is “anonymous” because nobody knows who trades at Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is not private. When you join a Bitcoin network, you are connected to many other Bitcoin nodes in a peer-to-peer fashion, and your IP address is visible to those nodes that you are directly connected to. If you are seeing your IP address, it is not known who owns the Bitcoin address, but it means that someone can see your connection. Verge is the direct grandson of Bitcoin, but with a few innovations. The Verge has 30 seconds block time compared to Bitcoin 10 minutes and can support up to 100 transactions per second compared to Bitcoin 7. All transactions made via the database are processed for a maximum of 5 seconds

verge coin review
verge coin review

The Verge takes care of the privacy of its users and keeps them on the front panel. The verb uses TOR and I2P networks to ensure that they are always up and running. This means that when trading concurrently, “IP address information, as well as transactional information, will not infiltrate the servers to which the user is connected”. Verge Electrum Wallet has very signed support, which means that operations may require more than one key. Standard transactions require only one signature, but for added security, users may prefer to choose multi-base transactions. In this way, the company clearly stands out from Bitcoin in the field of data protection.

Verge Advanced Privacy Feature

Verge coin review
Verge coin review

What is Tor? TOR is a worldwide network of servers that allows people to browse internally and anonymously. When you look at the internet via TOR, your wish turns between several different servers, each of which hides the original source of your choice. There is no possibility that someone outside of the TOR network knows where the request came from. XVG is all about privacy. Every time you connect to the network, you do this in TOR. The application of crypto money for personal privacy in almost all areas now is incredibly hot. The fact that various data leaks and attacks have attracted more attention to this issue. Monero (XMR) has become a bomb to the market before Verge, making this development in this direction by turning the confidentiality anxiety and growing the market well for the preservation of the data.

what is xvg coin
what is xvg coin

While XVG has been technically in existence since 2014, potential investors have hardly been successful in investing. Of course, changing your name has a big part in it. There is no real company behind Verge XVG – a virtual money-driven Verge. And this has caused a significant reduction in the time and resources available for marketing (instead of development). Nevertheless, there is a long-term advantage to focusing on the development of marketing, and we believe that this is the future of the secrecy developed by XVG.

Verge Coin’s Future

Confidentiality is an inherent need in human nature. Since the digital world is becoming more and more abstract, many people are struggling for this security requirement. Currencies such as Monero, Dash, ZCash, and PIVX are already becoming more and more competitive in the first 50 of the cryptocurrencies in the anonymous crypto-currency market segment. That’s why Verge will need more than a dedicated developer team to compete with the cryptocurrencies I wrote above. Verge; transparency, usability, and security. Transparency in cooperation with users in the system. Countless wallets even on mobile devices and user-friendly through targeted use of networks to protect the privacy of users at all times.

Is not it enough for privacy to use VPN?

About verge coin
About verge coin

VPNs are not known as “very confidential”. In other words, there is no such thing as totally invisibility using VPN. Even if you skip most systems with VPN, the third party site/company you use together. has the ability to see your information at all times. If they wish, they can share it with everyone. So it’s not even about privacy at all in VPN. Verge is able to protect all your actions and your privacy without the need for a third platform.

Verge (XVG) is a completely open source project. The community that supports and develops Verge is included in every project related to the new features and improvements offered.

What are the unique features of XVG?

They have many coded currencies and are often very similar to each other. The features that distinguish XVG from others are:
There’s a public blockchain that allows you to see the token distribution, the number of users, and other statistics. It also keeps the meta-data anonymous.
RSK Technology took a new step for the smart contract, and in this way, Verge will be a more reliable crypto platform.
Operations are fast, thanks to the presence of one block in 30 seconds.
It has gained mass adoption by developing multiple wallet applications for both desktop and mobile operating system.
It is an open source project driven by a dedicated development team and a strong, talented community./span>
Total Verge amount was set at 16.5 billion. These types of crypto-moneys provide a fairer distribution. To make Verge more affordable for regular payments, significantly hampering market manipulation.
XVG uses a multi-chain algorithm that makes it possible to excavate transactions with different block chains and mining devices./span>
XVG had no mine and was not an ICO./span>
The Wraith Protocol can easily hide transactions privately when requested while offering the option of trading through a book accessible to anyone looking at transparency and browsing logs./span>

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Merchandise Online Store

Verge branded apparel that can be purchased with XVG and BTC.

Mining Update

XVGui Miner for Windows, Official Mining Pool & Mining Guide

Rebased Codebase

Ring Confidential Transactions – advanced masking of transaction amounts


RSK Smart Contract Integration

Official iOS wallet

iOS wallet with full-fledged feature set like a normal wallet.

I2P Android Wallet

Anonymous mobile transactions over the I2P network

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