What is the Stratis (STRAT) cryptocurrency? Using of Stratis


“We make blockchain easy for you”

is said by Stratis which has different features from other cryptocurrencies. The platform specialized in blockchain and it wants to produce solutions to companies in the finance sector. It got attention at the end of 2017 by a sudden rise. That year was a fantastic year for cryptocurrencies and Stratis was the most valued cryptocurrency in 2017. Differences in blockchain structure and a strategy to target companies are though that it would be cryptocurrency of the future.

BTC STRAT chart of Bittrex
BTC STRAT chart of Bittrex

What is the Stratis (STRAT)?


Stratis (STRAT)  is a blockchain platform and it uses STRAT for the abbreviation of Stratis. It is famous for the lack of mining, targeting finance companies and rapidly rising value. Stratis cannot be mined and at the first production, its amount is set as 98 million 376 thousand 562 tokens.

Total market value of Stratis in February 2018; about $700 million and the richest person has $4 million STRAT. It entirely works with Proof of Stake, and the largest guesstimated wallets of Stratis are BITTREX, PoloniEx, and Binance. Also, the company is partnering with some companies to provide solutions in high-quality and security such as Ledger, Microsoft Azure, Poloniex, Bittrex, Changelly, and Anycoin.

Just as the Ethereum, it developed as a platform and its purpose is developing blockchain applications with .Net, creating solutions for testing and distribution at a lower price. STRAT is defined as the currency of the platform and despite it launched in 2016; it is valued in a concise time thanks to remarkable features.

Stratis that is based on Britain is seen as an investible system because of its purpose. It wants to service finance companies at crypto market, and it has only limited tokens. Investors think that Stratis will be more valued at the feature.

Who is behind of the Stratis?

Stratis cryptocurrency
Stratis cryptocurrency

Stratis platform has established by Chris Trew, consultant, architect, technology expert and famous for long experiences in information technologies. Besides of them, he specialized in C# and ASP.Net, so he established the Stratis and enhanced fast.

By the end of 2013, Chris Trew started to interest in the blockchain. He developed a few social platforms where people can earn money and based on Bitcoin. Also, he has experienced and talented workers in his company.

Stratis is known as a world-class company and based in Britain. The company which is behind the Stratis has activities in Asia, Europe, and America. Stratis Group Inc. was established in 2016 and has a structure which is supported by Windows products and the company developed Stratis by inspiring from Bitcoin.

Production of the Stratis

What is Stratis
What is Stratis

Stratis was built on a platform which is named as C# Stratis Bitcoin Full node and developed on NBitcoin that is C# codes one of the ports of Bitcoin Core. The platform is designed to develop, test, and distribute blockchain applications and create a smooth, fast and cheap alternative.

According to Chris Trew, CEO of the Stratis Group Inc, technical parts of Stratis make it valuable. It was developed on the Net and C# to illuminate what the blockchain system is. The technique requires the expertise is the explanation for the question about lack of mining.

Stratis is a cryptocurrency which cannot be mined. However, it can be customized by third side organizations. That means Stratis platform can produce tokens for companies to create special blockchains. These side chains are fixed to Stratis and thanks to this feature; all the companies can build their special blockchains safely by Lite clients and APIs.

Using of Stratis

STRAT ETH chart of Binance
STRAT ETH chart of Binance

Although it is not possible to produce Stratis, it is possible that the companies can use the side chains of the Stratis platform for less cost, instead of building their own blockchain infrastructure. At the same time, features exist in other blockchains such as Ethereum, Waves can also be used and combined with Stratis. STRAT, the local currency of the Stratis platform, is used to build and strengthen blockchains.

The Stratis team also provides advice support on what features the companies will use and how they will be implemented. As a consultancy firm based in London, the team that will be operating will be spread to the world if there would be demands from other countries.

Thanks to Stratis, companies can create block-chain applications with the features they want. At the same time, they can facilitate development processes and accelerate block-chain projects. Stratis allows the creation of different, specialized block chains that can be initiated by third-party organizations in line with the company’s own demands. The blockchains created by the companies in this way are connected to the blockchains of Stratis and secured.

Stratis, which is more than money transfer among the investigators, offers many advantages to companies operating in the finance sector. It is also possible for companies to take advantage of the Stratis side chains to initiate their own blockchain applications without sacrificing natural costs or construction steps, while preserving network infrastructures.


Stratis chart of coinmarketcap
Stratis chart of coinmarketcap

Stratis is a kind of cryptocurrency platform developed by Stratis Group Inc., based in Britain. The platform is distinguished from others by the lack of mining process, the production of a limited number of tokens, and the services provided to finance companies. They offer easy and affordable solutions to companies.

The most important of the services it provides is that companies can produce their own subcontracts and have a safe and easy blockchain system with Stratis support. Chris Trew founded Stratis in 2017, and the platform has reached a market value of about $ 700 million in a very short time and 98 million 366 thousand 562 tokens have been produced.

There are companies he has partnered with which are important in their sectors such as Poloniex, Microsoft Azure, and Bittrex. Through collaborations, Stratis has become a safer and more useful system.

According to reviews of cryptocurrencies, Stratis will be one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the future. The most valued coin of the year 2017 is the focus of attention thanks to the facilities provided to finance companies.

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