What is the Dogecoin? How was the Dogecoin Created?


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that derived from the Doge word, which has become an internet phenomenon. It was introduced as a joke on December 6, 2013, and has grown rapidly thanks to the communities that have adopted Dogecoin. Its market value increased to $60 million in a month. This number reached almost $ 400 million by February 2018.


It is seen as a copy of the Litecoin, which develops much faster than the other cryptocurrencies.  The logo is chosen as a Japan Shiba Inu dog and it provides Dogecoin to expand in a short time. Spread over the internet and send people to each other as a gesture, making the name heard.

Who is the Creator of Dogecoin?

What is Dogecoin
What is Dogecoin

The creator of Dogecoin is Billy Markus, a US computer programmer. It focuses on a coin system with a larger demographic than Bitcoin. However, Markus started to process when the coin systems are being discussed hard. For this reason, it has proceeded with more explicit and taut steps.

After the “Doge” word was started to be a web phenomenon, Adobe Jackson Palmer, an employee of Adobe Systems marketing, acted with courage from a student on Twitter. Doge word, which was recognized before Dogecoin, was famous because of the memes related to Shiba Inu dog.  Jackson Palmer bought the dogecoin.com address and added an opening screen. Markus has seen the link to the website in an IRC chat room. Then, he got communicate with Palmer and began their work for Dogecoin production.

How was the Dogecoin Created?

Dogecoin investment
Dogecoin investment

We mentioned above some parts of the story about the creation process for Dogecoin. “Dog” word, has written “doge” on the web and this word comes from there. Some people say that “Doge” was used first time in Homestar Runner, a puppet show, in 2005.

Even if the first using the word differs from person to person, it has been completely spread with a meme. In this meme, inner voices of a dog have written above of a Shika Ino dog. As you can imagine, this meme is spreading rapidly on the internet, and “Doge” word became more popular and popular.

In the middle of 2013, this dog and “Doge” word became the most popular phenomenon of that year. Shika Ino dog and “Doge” word conduce to the creation of a top-line cryptocurrency.

After such a story, Dogecoin started to be referred to as a fun cryptocurrency on the internet. It has spread up quickly when the people start to send others Dogecoin to like their posts. It became a big chance for the Dogecoin, and people learned to get Dogecoin before Bitcoin. People began to acquire a wallet to store and transfer their funds. Then, Dogecoin became one of the most famous cryptocurrency.

Why Dogecoin?

DOGECOIN chart of Poloinex
DOGECOIN chart of Poloinex

Jackson Palmer gave an interview about good features of Dogecoin. Palmer lets us learn about the future and make comment about it:

“Dogecoin is one of the several cryptocurrencies which are mainly denominated as a currency rather than purchased as an investment. People do not wait for market fluctuations to sell tokens. It is great because digital currencies are must exist.”

Dogecoin has been strengthened and will have been strengthened with new investments. It is continuing to rise, and guesses say that it will continue to increase. Dogecoin is a fun cryptocurrency which has shown particular interest by young people, and it will help to transfer Dogecoin to other generations.

Dogecoin has a foundation to donate to charities and funding them. Their motto is “To the moon!” and it is a non-profit corporation that created for indigent people around the world. They want to facilitate empower people and expand the community with big ideas.

Get Dogecoin

If you want to get Dogecoin, first you have to acquire a wallet. You may enter a trustable website that provides Dogecoin and creates your new wallet. You will get a code which is your wallet id. You can get payments with this code, or you can buy Dogecoin tokens with money.

It is used with a wallet on your pc, mobile phone or a website and you can get new goods or services by using Dogecoin. However, the first use of Dogecoin is tipping bloggers when they create useful contents, and you can think of it as a meaningful like.

Mining of Dogecoin

Dogecoin chart of Coinmarketcap
Dogecoin chart of Coinmarketcap

Dogecoin, seen as a clone of the Litecoin, is a cryptocurrency that can produce unlimited tokens. It uses Scrypt to become a Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrency. The block timing is 1 minute and the difficulty level is calculated by the network every 4 minutes. It is seen as one of the non-deflationary cryptocurrency because it can be produced unlimited.

Even if it looks like Litecoin at first, it is different from it in the mining phase. 1 minute block time is an advantage temper to Litecoin that has the 2.5 minutes block time. The other factor in spreading up the Dogecoin fast, it lets you fast production.

The first step to cryptocurrency mining without a high-performance system is entering the   Dogecoin.com. Download the appropriate program and install your computer. Then, by entering the website again, you can access the Dogecoin pools. The production work is carried out easily by making Dogecoin mining in the pools.


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that shows up with a sense of humor and spread out fast thanks to websites which introduce Dogecoin as a joke. It reached to the significant communities, and its market value increased suddenly in a short time. It produces first on December 6, 2013, as a joke but now its market value has reached $400 million.

Mining of Dogecoin is more comfortable than others, so lots of people choose Dogecoin to use PoW mining method. It is more profitable than other PoW cryptocurrencies with a 1 minute block time, and it has especially chosen by young.

Furthermore, they have a foundation that helps people around the world and this works make Dogecoin charming for investors.

Official website of Dogecoin shows you a guide to start using Dogecoin.

Get your new Dogecoin tokens easy!

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