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The Status Network Token (SNT) acts as a modular auxiliary token that feeds Status network, adds value to the platform and directs network effects.

Status, which defines itself as an “Ethereum discovery tool,” can be thought of as a mobile computing system built for Ethereum. Mobile devices act as a client node in the Status platform’s Ethereum network.

As we have already said above, Status (SNT) is a free and open source mobile client for Android and IOS built on the decentralized Ethereum network, and that is why the platform called Status (SNT) is significant for traders. Status can be used both as a messaging platform and as a browser, that is also perfect ease.

A very professional team has managed it, therefore, Status (SNT) is critical to the user experience. As a result of feedback, changes and updates are being published shortly.

It is one of the altcoins that have entered the market by mid-December and are called SNT. It is a system built on the Ethereum network we often hear with Bitcoin. The Coin application also offers a mobile messaging system to its investors. The altcoin, called SNT, is the Status Network TokenStatus is a free and open source mobile client for Android and IOS built on the decentralized Ethereum network. Status is a name we know with the Network Token real name and SNT abbreviation; It serves as a modular auxiliary coin that feeds the network, adds value to the platform and directs network effects.

We can also say that we have a mobile processor. It is also suitable for Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, Status users can securely retrieve, retrieve and store Ether and other Ethereum crypto entities over their phones. Although Status has not reached the potential targeted by its creators, it follows a clear path towards a bright and successful future.

Status Coin Features and Important Aspects

What is SNT text
What is SNT

Although SNT is involved in this market from mid-December, it has been heavily influenced by the subcoins. For this reason, we can say that it is a coin that increases day by day. Although the SNT has been buoyant for its investors, it can sometimes be one of the negative characteristics of sudden declines. It is located on the Binance market. It is expected that the token price will exceed 1 dollar as soon as it passes an increase after the new year. We can say it’s a potent high coin.

SNT, an open source mobile application, is structurally different from other subcodes. The decentralized system also allows you to interact with other applications. Apart from Blockchain, it has a system of interest from many places. We can say that the lowest investment amount is 0,0001 Eth. Investors who want to use both the browser and the chat/messenger area allow DAPPs to create a network on their mobile devices. You can use this innovative system in this way.

Status Coin’s Future

We can say that although the Altcoins are new, the demand has increased in 2018. Soon, according to experts, the use of Status coin will increase. To tell you more about the used wallet, we can use Hardwallet. It is a more reliable system. It will also protect your mobile devices and keep your crypto money hidden. It has encryption systems compatible with all currencies. Moreover, according to your needs you can customize Hard Wallet, you are developing.

We mentioned that it was built on the Ethereum system. Transactions are being processed through the ETH unit. It is accessible via Android and iOS, and a free and open source system at the same time. uPort, Aragon, Gnosis, Ujo Etherisc, Ethlance systems. You can also add resources to the platform via DApp.

Status Coin (SNT) Total Supply

What is Status Network Token text

One of the factors that determine the price of coins is the supply of coin. Essentially this comment is individual. Ripple is $ 0.20 while everybody else Ripple costs $ 2 to $ 3 and Ethereum is market capacity. That’s why it was impossible. However, the XRP demolished all the taboos and threw the Ethereum. Status Coin’s supply looks to be 6,804,870,174. Although it looks a lot like that, SNT, which sees at half dollar levels, may multiply its price in the process.

How can I buy Status Coin?

More than half of the SNT traded on the market are traded on the Bittrex and Binance stock exchanges. You can most reliably receive Status coin on the Binance exchange.

Foreign stocks you can get status coin: Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, HitBTC, Liqui.

What is the final result of the article which has been written by those who are curious about the Status platform whose short name is SNT?

Although Status has not reached the potential targeted by its creators, it follows a clear path towards a bright and prosperous future.


Status is completely committed to bringing realities to decentralized platforms. We know that you have difficulties and that you are very involved, but our goal is to create a world supported by Ethereum for everyone. We will continue to invest in the future of the blockchain and build a strong open source community

Carl BennetsCo-founder of Status

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