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On September 28, 2013, an anonymous software developer named Bitcointalk member BCNEXT called the NXT crypto money project with the first digital currency presentation (ICO) and starts collecting small-scale bitcoin donations. The target is normally 250 bitcoins, and on 18 November the donation ends with a total of 21 BTC. A few days later, he publishes the start block, announcing that 1 billion coins he created were distributed to 78 stakeholders in proportion to their contribution.


NXT was one of the first ICOs in the world of cryptography in late 2013 when BTC made $ 6,000. NXT is a decentralized second-generation open (transparent) source code block chain (blockchain) platform. It is not like other altcoins that use the source code of bitcoin. NXT is created from scratch in Java with its own original encoding. For this, it calls itself second generation crypto money. NXT allows users to generate tokens and trade with these assets on a decentralized stock exchange. Most altcoins; the hash mechanism, the time between blocks, the initial strength, and so on. NXT puts a lot more into it.


What is proof of stake text and pos chart
What is proof of stake

NXT Coin does not only produce crypto money. At the same time, they are able to create new currencies for their users. It offers development and design freedom. These currencies can be used both for trading and for seeking large funds in a project. New features such as message sending, information (data) storage, the voting system and account control are available. Nxt Marketplace provides services for block and chain based digital and physical goods.

There is no inflation in NXT. Money is always static. Unlike the central stock exchanges, NXT has developed a decentralized stock exchange. According to other traditional stock exchange, the advantage is to reduce the risk of fraud and theft. Transaction costs are meager.

NXT is a potential platform. Despite being a very good project, unfortunately, it is still not at the desired level. It has been developed since 2013. Total is 1 billion. Bitcoin’s ups and downs trends, and you’ll also see the sub coons, graphics you see that NXT coin value, in general, has been stabilized. Even this shows that it is a solid structure.

Mining in NXT

There is no ‘mining Proof of Work’ (POW) such as NXT Coinde Bitcoin. POWER; is a system based on energy expenditure. In POWs, the share of transfer money is proportional to who has more trading power. There is a need for a mighty and fast computer. The stronger the equipment, the more bitcoin you get. In this race, power consumption can be equal to electricity consumption in a small city.

The technical difference between NXT and Bitcoin is its ability to work on block chains based on a 100% ‘Proof of Stake’ (POS) system. POS is not based on processing power. The POS process is called forging. Carry at least 1,000 NXT wallets for tattooing. Then press the red button to activate the tattoo after a 24-hour confirmation wait period. You should keep your wallet clear and online. And you started to beat. Luck When you hit you, that is, when you can create a block, all transfer transaction fees in that block are counted. If there is more money in your wallet than in someone else’s wallet or coin, you will have a better chance of winning than the transfer fees.

It is enough for your computer to set up your Java program and keep your coins or tokens in your wallet. The more NXT crypto money you have in your wallet, the better your chances are. You must have an NXT to win. You can come together with other users and give your tattoo power to the tattoo pool. So you have a better chance of winning with more power. Calculations are made according to the amount of coin. Tattooing is both more economical and environmentally friendly regarding energy consumption compared to POW.

NXT Wallet

what is pos text and pos chart
what is pos

Download NXT Client. When you open an account, you have a long, complex random sequence of cyphers. Enter at least 35 characters, even more, or use the system-generated password. Make sure to copy your password to a safe place. Now you can dispose of your NXT coins.

NXT 2.0 / Jelurida / Airdrop

The new coin Ardor’s first child chain (child chain) Ignis, marketed as Jelurida’s NXT 2.0, will be distributed to holders of NXT coin in his wallet on December 28, 500,000,000 units. An Ignis token will be provided for both NXT coins. 2 NXT = 1 Ignis. Ardor and Ignis are currently temporarily traded in the stock market. The actual outcome is January 1, 2018. The price of the NXT has started to increase a bit since everyone thinks the toddlers will come soon. If you also have NXT coins and you are not thinking of selling in the stock market, it would be beneficial to hurry up your wallet as soon as possible. Know transfers are taking too long now.

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