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The reason why the first name, RaiBlocks, evolved into NANO was the problem that Rai was able to pronounce during pronunciation. (Rai, Rye, Ray, etc.) RaiBlocks have made such a decision in the near future because the developers believe so much about coin future, and coin name was NANO.


Nano, previously known as RaiBlocks. It is a new platform for the encryption technology that every user keeps its own blockchain. It aims to provide instant transaction times with limited (or zero) fees by avoiding mining and at the same time to reduce the dependence on synchronization with leading network and high CPU and energy usage. By doing so, he tries to act as a real and useful currency around the world. They aim to do this regardless of the size of each process, or the computational capacity of any user connected to the network.

What is RaiBlocks
What is RaiBlocks

When we descend; Unlike the blockchain design found in the infrastructure of many cryptographic paranoids we know, we see that each user has its own blockchain, without the need for nodes that we call nodes in RaiBlocks. Thus, as a first advantage, it is precisely the “equality” between users in the network. Because all users have the right to control their block chains at the same time, and each user can only change their chain. All users also have a copy of the entire RaiBlocks blockchain network. Thus, they do not have to pay any extra fees when they transfer money, or rather when they send RaiBlocks (ie NANO) to each other. Why? Because the people we call miners, the ones we can actually describe as a kind of “vehicle”, are getting out of hand. Since RaiBlocks, or NANO, ie XRB, does not distribute and share the entire blockchain registry by the nodes, it does not need to wait for network synchronization during any operation. The node can be removed from the centre, as the entire blockchain on the network is already copied, and the personal history of each user does not occupy the whole system; partly shared from the local chain. That is, when a and b are online, the money transfer rate can be lagging compared to normal blockchains. Well, there’s no problem when you’re not online. Because the transfer of money has already taken place, we do not have any concrete meaning unless we enter into account to attract that money. All this information in the light of NANO, RaiBlocks, XRB, free and fast transfer infrastructure, is challenging all existing blockchain systems. Since they are aware of what they are doing as a team, they want to play a role in money transfer in all areas of life in the future.

How does it Nano Coin work?

RaiBlocks review
RaiBlocks review

Nano aims to achieve its goals by replacing the standard “shared memory data structure” model that is common to many crypto-bank cryptographic units with a “message-sending” model in which all users have their own block chains that only need intermittent connections between themselves. RaiBlocks, now known as Nano, is the first cryptocracy to use a “block cage” (or multidimensional blockchain) that keeps users from paying for miners, avoiding network synchronization and avoiding long process approval times. At the same time, it uses a decimal system similar to Bitcoin, and the smallest transferable unit of the Nano is one billionth of a unit.

How fast is Nano Coin?

Nano defines itself as “It is a free and fast option to pay for everything in life”.

Neither Bitcoin nor Ripple, Ethereum have reached its speed. Because its speed is 2500 times higher than Bitcoins‘.

Nano Advantages

What is Nano Coin
What is Nano Coin

We would like to share what WhitePaper said about Nano, with you.

Lately, high demand and limited scalability have offered a satisfying experience by increasing average transaction times and fees in popular cryptocurrency. Here we are with Nano, which has the ability to encrypt with a new blocking architecture, each account having its blockchain, instant transaction speed, and unlimited scalability. It allows each user to have its own blockchain and update them asynchronously to the rest of the network, thus speeding up transactions with minimum load. Operations keep track of the number of accounts in transaction amounts and allow database processing without sacrificing security.

Some of Nano Coin’s Features

Scalability (based on the logarithm of the size of the dataset)
Buying or sending payment is completely free.
Special advanced blockchain (block-cage) structure
Serial validation and completion of operations
Those who approve transactions must have account holders in the system
The voting system for demonstrating equilibrium weighted stocks
No mining

In addition to the information above,

Maybe one of the best features of NANO is that it can be transferred very quickly and there is no transaction fee. As such, he is one of the best coins to use in real life. This is very easy with NANO, for example, it is impossible to get coffee from a store with bitcoin. It’s like paying with a credit card.

Where Nano Coin is available

Nano’s instant and zero paid transactions are ideal for cryptocracy traders.

You can quickly pay for your friends and family using Nano, such as not paying the tax or paying the tax or paying the rent.

You can use Nano to pay for digital asset rights, content subscriptions, and small amounts.

Seamless check-in at the store or online is just around the Nano


As a result, it is not a lie if you can find a solution with NANO such as fast transfer and expensive transfer fee. Of course, this is the biggest bonus: Since the miners have lifted it from the ground, there is no need for electricity to be consumed by mining on a global scale. NANO which has available wallets which can be used on the pc, web, mobile, is transforming one of the biggest critics of crypto parallel made with blockchain technology into real sense. It means you can store NANO in your wallet. This is the percentage; you should not be surprised at the recent surge in BitCoin’s performance despite the fact that it is not stable.

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