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Called “People’s Change”, Kucoin emerged in late 2017 with the slick user interface and the foreground of Binance (other popular crypto-shopping), highlighted by the first-round advantage of many niche mines. NEO / BTC and GAS / BTC catering to the NEO community and continued to focus on the NEO protocol. Kucoin Shares is the subcenter of the Kucoin stock exchange. In addition to trades made over crypto money like Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum in general, some coins are also traded on Kucoin Shares in this stock exchange. So far we have not mentioned a feature that actually separates BinHanced. The interesting part is starting here.


The stock market is distributing 90% of the commission it receives daily to users holding Kucoin Shares. That is, you only become a partner in the profit of the stock market by doing a simple stock exchange transaction. Besides, you can earn the profit from the last exchange rate.

What is KCS text and chart
What is KCS

Kukoinin Advantages and Disadvantages


User interface

The overall user interface and graphics of Kucoin are an impressive eye shape in the world of basic Bootstrap templates, which seemingly collided together (see Bittrex). The team clearly understands that presentation is as important as an executive in providing confidence in users.

Listed Crypto Money Lists Browse the supported markets and be amazed at how quickly new coins and pairs are added, and they are not just indefinite low-interest money.


Youth Team and Change

It is absolutely a matter that must be kept in mind. The team will find you with other stock exchanges not deeply experienced team for decades. Both the team and the platform are young, and as the world of cryptography evolves, it can experience increased stress. Everything works as well as it is now.

Limited Documentation

Kucoin has a language barrier and English, German and other 6 different documents and supports since it is a Chinese who come from Hong Kong.

Invitation system

This platform distributes 50% of their site revenue as a bonus. So what’s the other 50% doing? Most of them are distributing. 40% of the income is reserved for distribution to the invitation system. So in total, 90% of the income is distributed to users of the site.

Even if you invite someone who invited you and the person who uses the site, even the third person comes to your commission.

The breakdown gives you 20% commission share, 20% invite, 12% invite, and 8% commission invite.

Does the cryptocurrency platform of Kucoin have any possibility to rise up?

What is Kucoin text and chart
What is Kucoin

The Binance coin showed an incredible rise with the growth of the mining stock exchange. So on December 8, 2017, Binance coin at $ 2.50 levels reached $ 17.50 on January 8, 2018. With the growth of the Kucoin stock exchange, Kucoin will increase in that direction. On January 1, 2018, Kucoin, which is KCoin, ie KCS coin, is trading at 18.59 USD on January 8, 2018.

Kucoin today has a market volume of $ 1.6 billion and is the 34th largest coin all around the world. 91 million Kucoin, which will produce 181 million, will be produced and marketed.

As we have already said above, we think that the Kucoin stock market will grow by 50% in the near future, with no personal advice and no investment advice. We can show that Binancen is closed to new registrations and distributes 50% of the Kucoin stock market. We know that the readers of the preliminary writings do not do much, and we see coins as an investment. We believe that in the long term, Kucoin’s future is brilliant and Kucoin will make significant increases in 2018.

What can the conclusion of this article about one of the most important cryptocurrencies all around the world, Kucoin be?

As far as we can see, it will rise up just as it has just done. The reason why we are thinking like this is some realities that show us how to understand whether a cryptocurrency platform will get more value or not. They refer to history, which means that if you know how to read history and get some meaningful results from it, you can have estimates which are related to the future. We suggest you not forgetting this basic but efficient rule for every cryptocurrency.

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