What Is H Cash? H Cash Features And Benefits


Cryptocurrencies started to have a prominent role in world economics and daily life. Everyone began to talk about them and try to figure out what they are. To follow cryptocurrency markets has difficulties because of new emerging cryptocurrencies and growing trading volume. Until now, we have over 1000 cryptocurrencies, and a new one may appear every moment. One of them is H-cash which is based on high-secured channel and provides you new properties.



What is the H-Cash?

What is hcash
What is hcash

H-cash is a cryptocurrency which is used for transferring data or value across the platforms. Basically, it does not have any center, open source, and provides you with cryptography on its unique system. Also, the developers of H-cash describe it as “a value and information carrier for major blockchains to enable the exchange of value and information between these systems.”

H-cash is a relatively new cryptocurrency which took place in June 2017. Its marketing value is growing day by day, and until now, there are over 34 million HSR tokens that have a market cap of $370 million.

How does H-Cash Work?

H-cash is creating a new consensus between different methods or algorithms such as proof of work and proof of stake. Mainly, in PoW, you have to work actively, and you gain coins when you mine blocks. The first person who solves blocks problem wins the reward. In PoS, you have to keep your coins to gain others. In short, H-Cash connects PoW coins to PoS coins in a consensus and circulate value and information among systems.

The central question is, how can it be possible? Let explain. You know that in the PoW, someone wins the reward and gains more coins. In that time, the system will change to PoS and reward will be bigger and bigger. This method gives excellent convenience to investors and for this reason; H-Cash grew up fast in a short time.

Example PoW cryptocurrencies are, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Swiftcoin, Bytecoin, Dogecoin.

Example PoS cryptocurrencies are DASH, NEO, PIVX, OkCash, NAV Coin, Stratis, Reddcoin.

Features and Benefits

Hcash coin price chart of Cryptocompare
Hcash coin price chart of Cryptocompare

There are lots of cryptocurrencies and investors want to see a difference in which one will invest. H-Cash brings the innovation to market in 7 ways.

The first one is Hive

Hive features’ simple definition is, composing of blockchain and DAG systems. Because of the design of H-Cash platform, it may be the sidechain for blockchain and blockless based systems. Furthermore, it provides a cross-platform value exchange.

As a result, It will achieve that to provide communication between different platforms or technologies.

The second one is Hidden

Security is one of the most important things for cryptocurrencies. It works to protect your privacy with different security methods.

In this regard, Zero-Knowledge Proof helps to H-Cash. It is the core technology to ensure the protection by verifies assertions without providing any critical information.

Zero Knowledge Proof contains a five steps protocol to provide the “Hidden” feature. The main idea of this protocol does not provide useful information but verify assertions.

The third one is Hybrid

It combines the two methods of getting more coins: Proof of State and Proof of Work. The first step of this combining starts with PoW. Miners solve problems and gain more coins. Then the system change and PoS be selected. The acquired coins begin to be bigger and bigger by this cooperation.

This hybrid method, bring investors more coins and more money.

The fourth one is Hierarchy

HSR BTC Chart of Binance
HSR BTC Chart of Binance

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAO is a technological innovation in cryptography. H-Cash uses DAO for protection of significant errors in using funds in first stages. It sent 5% of coins to DAO and investors determine the usage of their funds by a dynamic voting system. As a result, this system provides hierarchy in H-Cash and participation of investors.

The fifth one is Hard

H-Cash uses Quantum Resistance or Post-Quantum Cryptography system to be able to resist the attacks which come from quantum computers. It ensures protection against all form of quantum attack which is currently known.

Also, It will develop a new exchange protocol which works with OpenSSL, and it will achieve to provide safety in the blockchain.

The sixth one is Haven

H-Cash will create approximately 84 millions of tokens, and they will be separated into six channels as follows:

  • %25 of them will be created via Proof of Work,
  • %25 of them will be created via Proof of State,
  • %25 of them will be given for free to the community and used for ICO,
  • %15 of them will be put into circulation for Pre-ICO sales,
  • %5 of them will be put away for H-Cash fund and development team,
  • %5 of them will be put away for H-Cash-DAO.

In the first definition of H-Cash says that, when the 21 million tokens are created via PoS or PoW, they will name as HiddenCoins. All the other tokens will be in the white address which can be produced still.

The seventh one is Handy

Investors of H-Cash can transfer their blocks with limited block size and unlimited transfer times. In this system, speed and amount of transfer are not necessary. This feature provides H-Cash to be a handy cryptocurrency.

We described the features and right sides of H-Cash. As in the whole excellent thing, H-Cash has some risks to invest such as regulatory, technical and financial risks.

Risks of Investing H-Cash

Hcash ico Chart of Coinmarketcap
Hcash ico Chart of Coinmarketcap

For the regulatory uncertainty, you have to think about the laws of countries. There is much uncertainness about the state of cryptocurrencies in many countries. For example, China and Korea prohibited the token sales in their countries. If the same one occurs in your country, you cannot be able to use your coins.

H-Cash tries to create a significant innovation in cryptocurrencies market, but it comes with some technical risks. High-demanded projects may not provide satisfaction, and technical problems may occur.

Financial risks are other significant problems. Malware attacks, service attacks, smurfing, spoofing and other scam methods create some financial risks and threat your coins safety.

However, for all of these risks, the operation team of H-Cash works and try to minimize these risks.

Who’s Behind H-Cash?

The main company which is behind H-Cash was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2016. However, the company’s presence is in China substantially. They have some research partners such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Monash University. These research partners and the company work for H-Cash and its feature together. You can visit H-Cash website to look for the company’s team.


H-Cash is a cryptocurrency which is developed by a company that based in Australia in July 2017. It comes with some innovations and the most important feature of it is a hybrid structure. Because of this attractive feature, it grew up fast and reached a market value of $370 million in 7 months. There are some risks about H-Cash on technology, market or finance, but operation team works for the minimization of them.

You may visit H-Cash official website to obtain more official information and read their blog or review their development timeline.


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