The DGX is a coin with an ethereal base, it has a good Blockchain base structure, and as a result, it is subject to less fluctuation on the market. Many transactions such as paying off, paying bills, making payments are done through this platform. The purchase of fast consumer goods such as coffee, a hamburger can also be done with this coin. This coin, prepared with the Ethereum infrastructure, has a structure that will also form the basis for the financial products of other cones. Crypto is a crypto paradise that continues to be traded on the money exchanges with the abbreviation DGX.


DigixDao is split into two tokens (DGX | DGD) and both have completely different use cases and perform various tasks. In order to explain the project, I will first concentrate on the DGX because it is the central part of the project.

The overall project will allow users to buy gold as an owner of an ERC20 token called DGX. For each DGX a person has, there is 1 gram of 99.9% LBMC certified gold stored in a Singapore vault. The DGX was created in the spot on the ground, and the team said that at an incredible rate, it could come from a high demand base and that the vault itself could be investigated to be accredited, and the gold price will not move if it does not exist, so 1 DGX is limited to 1 gram gold price.

What is DigixDao
What is DigixDao

DGX’s beauty, the blockchain, and smart contracts allow you to buy gold, which is just a token purchase, and then a gold gram is assigned to you as a system, and your book keeps a record of your purchasing later. No third party is required, making it easy and safe to buy gold. The operation with Digix is safer compared to ETFs because you do not need a reliable party like you in the Gold Feature Property Rights process.

Can we mention DigixDao’s background?

Decentralized autonomous organizations have been seen to be difficult to describe by some organizations. However, the conceptual essence of a decentralized autonomous organization has been shown as the ability of blockchain technology to provide a secure digital book against fraud through the dissemination of a distributed database with a trusted timestamp, following financial interactions on the Internet. This approach eliminates the need for a trusted third party to take part in a financial transaction, thus simplifying the sequence.

what is dgd
what is dgd

Costs for the process of a blockchain activity and prices for submission of relevant data can be reduced by eliminating both the trusted third party and the need to record contract changes repeatedly in different records: for example, in the case of block transactions, actions and titles, change open documents. Theoretically, a block-chain approach allows multiple cloud computing users to cooperate loosely-matched pair-wise intelligent contracts.

Why do we need DGX?

The money will be handed over to DGX, and if it is desired to enter the market again, it will continue trading comfortably in the market. When the crypto money market is looked at, prices are constantly fluctuating. No one has advance knowledge about prices. Current news is constantly affecting the cryptocurrency market. In China, such a situation is not the case.

what is dgx
what is dgx

A decisive change on the DGX market when it first came out, guaranteeing the most stable place to store funds without passing a blip. To secure users’ profits, DGX enters an area where projects can use this crypto in their markets with a token with a stable price. DGX will be an excellent method for purchasing gold in the crypto money market, not just for the protection of the riskier but the minimum wage and security. DGX is targeting a big market. It is also a huge factor that has the potential to strengthen itself in both seconds. DGD is also used for the profit of the users.

Some examples and examinations about the system


dgx coin review
dgx coin review

Participation of shareholders in DAOs may be problematic. For instance, BitShares saw the lack of voter participation because evaluating proposals requires time and energy. More recently, however, Vega DAO has proposed a solution to voter indifference in decentralized organizations, using the Futarchy concept, which uses forecast markets to make decisions on proposals.

Legal obligation

The precise legal status of such commercial organizations is not clear; Some similar approaches by the US Securities and Exchange Commission are illegally viewed as unregistered securities offerings. A DAO function may, but is not satisfied, be a company that does not have legal status. This implies potentially unlimited legal responsibility for the participants, even when the smart contract code or DAO’s developers say they are dissatisfied. Intermediaries between known participants or financial systems regulated by a DAO may be targets for regulatory enforcement or civilian action.

Security of  DigixDao

dgd coin review
dgd coin review

A particular DAO code will be complicated to change, including error corrections that are unimportant in the central code, once the system is up and running. Correction of a DAO requires new codes and agreements to be written for all funds to move. Although the code is visible to everyone, it is difficult to repair, so leaving a known vulnerability vulnerable to exploitation unless a moratorium is invoked to enable error detection.

In 2016, a certain DAO, The DAO, has today a record for the largest crowdfunding campaign. However, researchers have noted that there are many problems in The DAO code. The DAO’s operational procedure allows investors to withdraw any money not yet committed to a project; so that funds can be consumed quickly. While security measures encouraged the game to be won, there were “numerous security incidents” for shareholders to win investment. These allowed the DAO, which was established in mid-June 2016, to withdraw large amounts of funds. However, after many discussions, on July 20, 2016, the Ethereum community had a decision to rescue the original contract of the Ethereum blockchain.

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