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Cryptocurrencies move from the root to the previous block and operations to the protocol variant, which is called “Hard Fork”. In the “Hard Fork” process, the previous blockchain is abandoned and a new protocol is passed. Thus a division in the cryptocurrency comes into play.


Bitcoin Diamond is a cryptocurrency created by dividing Bitcoin. With Bitcoin reaching the 495866th block, the division has begun, and the BCD has switched to its own blockchain.

Bitcoin Diamond is the new crypto paradise created in hard fork resulting from Bitcoin’s 495866 blocks. Team Otey and Team 007, the leader of two Bitcoin miners led by the group’s main goal of crypto money Bitcoin’s high transaction fees and slow processing to find a solution.

Bitcoin diamond review
Bitcoin diamond review

According to the Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) community, the new crypto money promises faster transaction approvals and a safer platform for users while complementing Bitcoin’s shortcomings.

Due to the high number of coins in the crypto money that will be driven to 10 times the price of Bitcoin, it is hoped that low transaction fees will be achieved.

What Differences Does Bitcoin Diamond Have?

Bitcoin (BTC) has long been on the market as the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, however, has some problems. The creation of BTC transactions takes a long time and becomes expensive over time. The reason for this is that BTC has blocks that can handle three operations at a time and are limited to one megabyte. As a solution to this situation, BCD increases the block size limit to eight megabytes, increasing the processing capacity and enabling the blocks to be produced five times faster.

What is Bitcoin Diamond offering?

What is Bitcoin Diamond
What is Bitcoin Diamond

Whether or not Bitcoin Diamond is a better Bitcoin may vary depending on the person you are asking. In recent days, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and “hard fork” have led to the emergence of Bitcoin Diamond now. The ultimate goal of Bitcoin Diamond is to protect privacy, ensure fast transaction approval, or provide low threshold cost for new members. This will provide better solutions to financial companies around the world.

The total supply of Bitcoin Diamond is 210 million (10 times) more than Bitcoin. This amount has gone up to 170 million dollars, while the rest have been reserved for the community in a ‘prize pool’ for tax purposes and mining purposes. One of the criticisms of Bitcoin Diamond was that the teams behind the cryptocurrency remained anonymous, but it should not be forgotten that Bitcoin’s founder remains an enigma.

Is there anyone supporting this group?

Yes, strong crypto money from the stock market, Binance, Bitcoin Diamond will place in the stock market, and Bitcoin 10 times as much as Bitcoin Diamond announced in an official statement. Still, most stock markets have not yet made a positive comment for Bitcoin Diamond, and it remains to be seen how the attitude towards BCD will be pursued.

We will continue to keep you informed about developments related to the topic.

How about the total amount?

The maximum number that can be generated: 210,000,000. The new crypto money GPU that will use the X13 algorithm will be excavated. Block times will be 10 minutes and block size will be 8 MB. Difficulty increase will be updated for 2 weeks. In fact, when we evaluate these units, we are faced with a crypt money like Bitcoin Gold, but 10 times as much as production. Actually, this means that; digging will be easier because the number is too much. The stock exchanges to be traded are listed below.

What is BCD
What is BCD

We can answer this question thanks to the FAQ part in their original website.

They exactly say:

The total amount of BCD is 210 million. No more increase. 170 million BCD, 1BTC : 10BCD will be presented to the Bitcoin holders for the long-term Bitcoin ECOSYSTEM support. The rest 40 million will be automatically transferred into the community rewards pool as tributes and mining.

Reference: https://medium.com/huobi-global/regarding-bitcoin-diamond-bcd-issuance-15da76275a98

It briefly means: BCD “Bitcoin Diamond” is totally 210 pieces. The auction is gone (When it is over, it is over. There is no more). 170 million will be offered to users with a Bitcoin ratio of 1BTC = 10BCD and those who have been supporting Bitcoin ecosystem for a long time. The remaining 40 million will be automatically transferred to mining pools for excavation.

What we understand here, of course, everything will be clearer in the coming days. Those with Bitcoin will have a BCD of 10 times the number of Bitcoins on their hands. So if you have 1 Bitcoin, you will be given 10 Bitcoin Diamond. As I said in the coming days, as we get clearer and more clear, some of the Turkish stock exchanges cannot be missed by the “Air Drop” phenomenon. So let’s continue to follow the developments, friends. I expect to see an increase in bitcoin prices in the coming period due to this bifurcation.

Bitcoin Diamond
Road Map
2018 Q3
Finish mainchain of Lightning network&bBCD wallet
2018 Q4
Building BCD application ecology
Begin with 2019
Better Bitcoin

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