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What is Ardor Coin (ARDR)?



Ardor is a platform that everyone connects easily and allows to use NXT blockchain substructure and child blockchain. This child chain, which is a light chain, is also personalized at a specific time, designed to allow the user to have his blockchain simple and stand-alone. The main chain addresses this area, so users should not worry about security. This is Ardor’s most significant innovation.

How Ardor Coin Works?

What is Ardor
What is Ardor

Ardor uses the proven properties of NXT blockchain technology by Jelurida. NXT aims to use Ardor in mining and many scalable applications. The Ardor platform consists of two separate sections. The Ardor main chain is the blockchain, which will secure all sub-chains and set up operations. Some transactions will occur in the Ardor main chain and will occur through an operation such as the transfer of Ardor token between accounts. The Ardor platform improves the performance of the blockchain by reducing clutter in the system. Ardor will operate as the main chain that secures children chains and works with 100% Proof Of Stake technology. For this reason, mining is not necessary. Each block containing all the sub-chain operations will be processed in 60 seconds. The size of the blockchain will be reduced by pruning the child chain transaction data. As it is developed by the Jelurida company, it is a coin that has security and stability.

Services of Ardor Blockchain

Ardor review
Ardor review

Users will be able to create and grow their sub-chains within the Ardor ecosystem, except for assets and money. You will have the features that the NXT has. Operations can be started with simple names, and all nicknames will end before the sub-chain name. All of the data can be stored in the blockchain. Access to an account can be restricted by checking the account without being approved by different sections. Specific tokens and additional token chains can be created. Encrypted messages and files can be safely sent and the users are allowed to mix their funds with other users’ funds so that they can increase their privacy. Decentralized voting can be done safely and secretly. Add-ons can be installed to improve functionality. The transactions can be separated from the phases. It will also be a marketplace where every individual can buy and sell physical and digital assets.

What is Ardor’s Mission?

What is ARDR
What is ARDR


Blockchain technology has attracted the attention of many companies around the world. However, these companies do not want to develop their solutions. Even if every company finds a software developer to develop this software, it would be a waste of time to experiment and add them to the workflow. That’s where Ardor comes in. The Ardor mission is designed to provide blockchain technology to companies.

What is Ardor’s Technology?

The structure that Ardor uses is a mini-giant structure that allows companies to build their own products and services with sub-chains. These products are designed to take advantage of the security provided by the Ardor main chain. The use of side chains in the blockchain world has also been a matter of great interest. Also, Ardor uses energy efficiently, and it will be useful for our environment too.

Features of Ardor

  • There is more than one sub-chain attached to the main chain
  • The Ardor token is used on the Proof of Stake algorithm, thus providing security to all sub-chains. Child chain tokens are used as transaction value units in the sub-chains.
  • Some of the features such as nicknames, digital products, asset exchange, messaging, monetary systems, data cloud, account features, store, account control, voting system, data cloud, shuffling, phasing are in the child chain for restriction.
  • All the sub-chain accounts are global. Any account can hold fund both in both sub-chains and in Ardor.
  • Coin exchange markets allow sub-coins to trade with each other and at the same time as the principal chain coins.
  • All sub-chains have large funding features.

How to Buy Ardor Coin?

If you want to buy Ardor coin, first of all, you have to set up a wallet to store your coins. You can get help to reach Ardor’s official wallet from nxtplatform.org and download official wallet. When you set up the wallet, open an account. Now, you are ready to get Ardor coin. Purchase Bitcoin with your fund and convert these coins to Ardor. You can store your Ardor coins in your wallet safely.

Ardor Coin


Q2 2018

Asset, Currency, Goods specific bundlers
Translation of wallet to 14 languages
Lightweight Contracts Runner Add-on – testnet
Transaction Vouchers – testnet
Java 9 support

Q3 2018

Pruning of child chain transactions and sharing of snapshots – testnet
Additional child chains launched on mainnet
Lightweight Contracts Runner Add-on – mainnet
Transaction Vouchers – mainnet
Child Chain Control
Token balance migration

Q4 2018

Pruning and snapshots on mainnet
Lightweight Contracts – enforce execution
Wallet and usability enhancements

Q1 2019

Child-chain specific subnets – testnet
Blockchain pruning of the Ardor parent chains

Q2 2019

Child-chain specific subnets – mainnet

Research projects

Allow user-issued child chains
Zero-knowledge transactions
Integration with data storage services

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