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Komodo looks like “Chapter 2” of the crypto revolution. Developed from BitcoinDark and busted from Zcash, KMD is a system made for those who do not want to be followed in crypto money transfers. The so-called KomodoNew protocol provides security and anonymity in cryptographic terms.

With KomodoCoin you cannot be tracked by one hundred percent. Along with this, it also offers digital solutions to the world. The Komodo block platform uses the open source encryption ratio to perform Komodo’s transparent, private and anonymous exchange operations. Let’s read our Komodo Coin review for more information!

What is Komodo Coin

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Utilizing the blockchain of Bitcoin, it is made extremely secure with the proof of work (dPoW) protocol. The Komodo platform is a platform that aims to help develop and develop the field of cryptography by providing tools to provide security for third-party block chains, confidentiality power applications, and price stability for pay-as-you-go services. 


Zcash; It is an open encryption project using the SNARK protocol. Komodo also uses the same protocol to do private and anonymous transactions. dPOW is a new protocol developed by Komodo developers. It is a consensus mechanism that uses regular proof of the business protocol (such as Bitcoin), but it is a bit different.


SuperNET: A organization with no centre that improves tools that are open-source and have no
centre for the crypto market, such as SuperNET, multi-purse wallets, decentralized exchanges and
price stability products. Komodo token is the official currency of SuperNET.
Total Fixed Supply of Komodo

Komodo has a total of 200 million mines, and the mine has been mined out of 100 million mines and distributed to ICO. 90 million of 100 million that is mentioned before distributed to investors, and 10 million is reserved for the future development and marketing of the Komodo platform. The Komodo ICO period took place from 15 October 2016 to 20 November 2016. During this ICO, 2639 BTC (worth $ 1,983,781) was collected. The remaining 100 million KMD are still in the mine by POW. It is expected to reach 200 million in about 14 years. Komodo holders will receive a 5 percent annual (APR) bonus on Komodo networks until their 200 million supply limit is reached, starting at “T”.

Komodo’s evolution and revolution

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In order to define a pure language, we can say that Komodo always works as an Internet currency. It allows you to operate in a highly secure environment where every piece of information is kept secret. It combines the credentials of ZCash with the security of Bitcoin. SuperNET produced the Komodo platform from ZCash. The team behind Komodo also developed own wages to work with Komodo to create a complete ecosystem such as decentralized trade.

Komodo was brought to the agenda to revolutionize the encryption market. Not just money, it is a platform that supports other applications. It also provides centralized applications and enterprise block solutions. It is the first encryption platform to offer decentralized atomic swaps with automatic order matching – (Atomic Clearing: Provides transaction without third party involvement, providing reliable trades). It is the first project to create a unique ICO participation mechanism – (DICO: decentralized ICO, dICO uses Jumblr technology, which provides investor confidentiality). Komodo is also the first crypto platform to partner with Monaize, the Fintech e-banking platform.

The Team Behind Komodo

Almost all members of Komodo, a team of 29 people, believe in secrecy and thus use aliases. We just said that Komodo provided a hundred percent anonymity, and this page is proof of it. Even those who are on the team are encrypted 🙂 This secrecy leads many people to think that this platform is going to smoke at any moment, but it is not real.

Completed Blind Chain Solutions

The Komodo platform focuses on providing complete, end-to-end block solutions for every industry developer, no matter what the level. This process is also configuring according to needs. We can speak of a simple yet powerful operation. The use of blockchain technology by partners and developers through a robust ecosystem creates Komodo’s vision. Those who want to get rid of tradition and keep up with the new era can quickly adapt to the new world with Komodo.

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Komodo companies in the world without the commitment and commitment to all of the chances of taking advantage of the attention. If you want to use the Komodo ecosystem for that purpose, you will be connected to the blockchain. We can make it look like an autobahn. You want to go where you want to go from the shortest way you want to go that way. Think there’s a lot of cars on the road, but everyone’s going to be different. Even if there is traffic, you will be relieved to leave streets after a point. Komodo comes up with a solution that brings your way and your goal. Is there a faster way to create and use your blockchain?

You are not given the freedom to choose in other blocks. If you need what you need, you can pick that chain and get things done. Komodo does not reject mainstream blockbusters. On the contrary, he encourages them to use them and is trying to develop them. Komodo is only responsible for finding the correct chain.

Komodo Coin Privacy and Security

The Komodo platform was built on security and privacy to make the process a comfortable process for the users. Innovative dPOW (proof of delayed process) developed by Komodo makes Komodo different. When the dPOW process starts, your data is backed up in the blockchain and proven in the Bitcoin chain. Zero-Knowledge integration is also provided to protect privacy. Using the bitcoin chain makes your transactions extremely secure.
The crypto money, which is linked to the Komodo blockchain, is demanding much lower than Bitcoin’s transaction fees. If you do not want to leave the Bitcoin network and are looking for alternative routes, you might consider trying out the innovations of Komodo. With this platform you can join the Blockchain system with a flexible, secure and simple interface, you can create your own independent chain within one minute and benefit from a high-performance security system to protect your privacy.

Komodo Mining

Minuteness is needed to ensure the continuity of the platform and quick operation. For Komodo mining, it can be done using both the processor and the graphics card. You can benefit from many sites to start mining.

Komodo – KMD Wallet

1. Ledger Nano S


Since your private keys never leave the device, you can use the Ledger Nano S to store your KMD currency safely. The only disadvantage is that they do not allow their users to claim a 5% bonus because they are members of Komodo.

2. Agama Wallet

This wallet’s owner is again Komodo developers. The multicurrency wallets can support KMD and the other types of currencies. It doesn’t mean that it has no privacy, on the contrary, it has. It is still on the Beta version that is enabled for users to connect it through Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

3. Komodo Swing Wallet

Komodo developers developed the official Komodo GUI wallet. Also the most basic wallet. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

4. Komodo Paper Wallet

A Komodo paper wallet is a piece of paper that is printed on both public and private keys.


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