How to get Bitcoin cash? Step bu step guide


Bitcoin Cash was put on the market on July 23, 2017, under the leadership of Roger Ver, an early investor of Bitcoin once recognised as “Bitcoin Jesus”. Bitcoin Cash, which traded around $ 250-400 in its first period, noticed its historical climax on December 20, 2017, with Coinbase’s Bitcoin Cash trading on the world’s biggest digital forex platforms. The Bitcoin clone, which topped $ 4,000, attracted investors with its great rise and How to get Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is created for the internet surroundings and uses electronic money among users. Bitcoin Cash, which is traded barring a central bank, does no longer want the presence of intermediary establishments either. Bitcoin Cash is seen as a continuation of the digital cash gadget between users at Bitcoin. The blockchain technology that Bitcoin additionally uses has the probability to develop and grow. Bitcoin Cash entered the digital cash market on August 1, 2017. As of the date of entry into the market, buyers with Bitcoin in possession have additionally acquired Bitcoin Cash. However, all transactions between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are separate.

How to get Bitcoin Cash

Here are the steps

1- If you do no longer have an account at Binance with low commissions and strong infrastructure, open an account first. You can also make Bitcoin Cash purchases via inventory exchanges like Bitfinex, Bittrex. The following steps are in development for the Binance Stock Exchange.

2- Transfer your account to Bitcoin.

3- Once your bitcoins are in the account, log in to Basic in the top left Exchange section. Advanced users can also use Advanced.

4- In the search box on the right, kind BCC and double-click BCC / BTC.

5- Buy You can purchase by using entering rate and extent information in BCC section. If you would like to in addition simplify the system here, click Market and enter only how plenty BCC you will receive. Only the fee you will pay will be barely higher.

6- Click the Buy BCC button after getting into the rate and volume


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