How Do you spend your Bitcoins?

How Do you spend Bitcoins

What are the companies around the world who accept Bitcoin as a payment method? Below is a short list of sites receiving payments with Bitcoin, businesses taking payments with Bitcoin.

How do you spend bitcoins? Many large companies consider Bitcoin a legitimate payment method. Some also can buy with Bitcoin via internet sites.

That site and companies

  • An online company that allows users to create free internet sites, as most people know.
  • One of the most significant US e-commerce sites.
  • Subway: a restaurant chain with branches in Turkey.
  • Microsoft: Users can pay with Bitcoin on Xbox and Windows stores.
  • Reddit: With Bitcoin, you can get premium features in Reddit.
  • OkCupid: Online dating platform.
  • Switch: Natural gas and electricity distribution company operating in Austria.
  • Bic Camera: The electronics store chains in Japan.
  • Lieferando: It is a restaurant order in Germany, such as a meal.
  • Peach Airlines: An airline is operating in Japan. Bitcoin accepts the ticket purchases.
  • TigerDirect: Online technology market.
  • Namecheap: Domain registration site.
  • A website where hotel reservations, car rentals and airline tickets are available.
  • Holiday booking site.
  • Gyft: You can buy gift cards using Bitcoin.
  • Dell: the US computer technology company.
  • Wikipedia: A free encyclopedia of about 5 million articles.
  • Steam: Game download platform for PCs.
  • Alza: Czech Republic e-commerce site.
  • The Internet Archive: Web documentation company.
  • Zygna: Bitcoin is available for mobile game purchases.
  • Bitcoin can be used to buy premium services.
  • Whole Foods: Organic food store. Bitcoin can be used to purchase gift cards.
  • Online newspaper.

Countless businesses accept Bitcoin around the world besides name-written internet sites and companies. Here we want to list the main ones.

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