Does Amazon accept payments via Bitcoin?


If Amazon has currently been debating whether to be given payments with Bitcoin, we have created a mini-article that tells you how to store with Bitcoin (BTC) via the Amazon website. And there is not a great deal that you need to do for it.

Does Amazon accept bitcoin? Amazon is offering a shopping alternative directly with Bitcoin. I imply at least for now. But there is a very effortless way to do it definitely with Bitcoin. This course is also supplied to us by BitPay. You’ve heard a lot of BitPay. Especially when I used to be paying a place with BTC, I was denied. BitPay is the company of the carrier used via most e-commerce sites.

Migrating from BitPay to Amazon

Does Amazon accept bitcoin? Yes. First, you will need to create a Bitcoin wallet on the BitPay side. You can use this wallet as your new and continuous wallet, which is very handy as we said. You can also opt for this platform because it also has mobile applications. Let’s create a Bitcoin wallet from BitPay, and if you want to spend how much you want to spend, I will send so Bitcoin to this new address.

In BitPay, all your wallets, including mobile wallets, have the option to purchase “Amazon Gift Card”. Of course, we do that with Bitcoin. If we think about transferring Bitcoin already in our wallet, it is actually the place to say that there is no other step left.

Use the “Buy Amazon Gift Card” option to specify how much you want to purchase and get your Gift Card with confirmation. You will receive the Amazon Gift Card code as much as you are receiving instantly. By entering this from Amazon, we can easily translate our Bitcoins into USD (Amazon Gift Card).


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