Can you buy half a bitcoin

You can buy any measure of Bitcoin, from $10 USD worth, to $100 USD worth, to a full Bitcoin. It is detachable up to eight decimal spots, and you can buy/send/get any sum or part of a full coin. No, you can exchange divisions of bitcoins effortlessly

Bitcoin Stock Exchange

You can buy bitcoin with your credit card.

There are some differences in usage and limit in Binance and similar stock exchanges. You can buy half a bitcoin. For example, you can credit with a credit or debit card and convert to BTC. The lower limit was 20USD when I tried. But I did not get a chance to sell or transfer bitcoins from there because the lower limit was 0.01 BTC. That’s why I stayed there for 20USD, I will not do it for now.

Then, as I mentioned above, I sent a small amount (minimum) of BTC to the binance over the paribus. And I saw there is no USD/BTC parity. BTC/altcoin, BNB/altcoin, ETH/altcoin, and the like. you can play parallels. So if you enter a stock exchange that is trading in this way, you should be aware that Altcoin is the BTC price, not the USD price. Otherwise, you may accidentally damage it.

You can buy Bitcoin with your debit card.

This information that I am forwarding to you does not contain any investment advice, but only for those who are curious. If you want to get BTC, start with a figure that will not hurt you even if you lose the whole thing. And if you want to try altcoin ‘s with 2 million users, Binance is good for now. You can also make a small amount of money with the referral system. I am very happy if you use the following link to sign up with me. It does not cost you extra, it can earn you a small amount of BTC.


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